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Date: 22 Oct 1999 From: Paulo Coelho One of the most popular books of this past decade, "The Alchemist", can now be download free in the home page of his author, Paulo Coelho #www.paulocoelho.com The decision was taken by the author himlself when, in a recent trip of his agent to Russia, he realized that the book was no longer in bookstores due to the high costs of imported paper. Two weeks later, browsing Internet, Mr. Coelho realized there was two non-authorized versions of "The Alchemist". Sophia, the new Russian publishing house of "The Alchemist", will release a new edition of the book early next year. Meanwhile, Paulo Coelho decided to put the two translations, found in Internet, free for download for his Russian readers. The Alchemist has sold, up to March 1999, near 10.000.000 copies all over the world. Translated in 41 languages, and published in more than 110 countries, "The Alchemist" was # 1 in bestseller lists in more than 15 countries, including France, Brasil, Argentina, Italy, Spain, USA. Paulo Coelho is also the author of another several books, and was the second bestseller author in the world, according to Lire Magazine (France), using sources of 12 countries. Best, DOROTHEA BASTOS


From page #www.paulocoelho.com.br/engl/dow.html The Alchemist has been very professionally edited and published in Russian by Vagrius Pbls. However, due to the high costs of printing, this edition is currently out of print. We hope to have this problem solved by the end of the year. Meanwhile, you may download the full version of the book, using translations that we found in Internet, and that we are not responsible for the quality. As soon as Vagrius start distributing the book again, these downloads will be taken away from this page. The first version is in Cyrillic, and the second one is in Ocidental alphabet.

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