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Original of this document is at #www.boerde.de/~horstf/download/readme.html
Last update 12/04/1996 The Windows program RESPOND enables you to send faxes from every Windows program via a faxmodem connected to a unix host. RESPOND is especially designed for use with mgetty+sendfax by Gert Doering and Samba, a LanManager like fileserver for Unix, by Andrew Tridgell and others. To use it with other fax solutions you have to change or replace the printfax.pl script. Because the printfax.pl file is a Perl(5) script, you need Perl unless you write your own printfax script/program. If you configured it for other then mgetty+sendfax and Samba, please let me know.


The Unix host: 1. Copy the printfax.pl script to /usr/bin and make it executable. 2. Create a [Fax] entry in the smb.conf like in smb_conf.add. or Setup a printer with fprintfax as input filter. Set the right permissions for the faxspool dir so lpd can write there. (Note: my linux lpd calls the filter as user bin and group root, not bin). fprintfax expects this commandline: fprintfax [-c] -wwidth -llength -iindent -n user -h host acct-file I don't know if all unix systems call their input filters in this way. fprintfax makes only use of user, host and acct-file. All other will be ignored if no value or the value is concated. The Windows PC: 1. Copy RESPOND.EXE to a directory of the Windows PC. 2. Create an entry for RESPOND in the autostart group. 3. Copy the WINPOPUP entry from the network group to the autostart group (if you haven't done it yet). This enables you to receive messages about the (un)successful spooling of your faxes. 4. Add a Postscript printer to your Windows configuration and bind it to a LPTx port (if you haven't enough LPTx ports, simply add how much you need to section [ports] in WIN.INI) 5. Connect the Postscript printer to the printer service Fax of the unix host. If Respond won't start because it can't find the NETAPI.DLL (especially under WinNT), add a section "[Respond]" to WIN.INI with a line "LoadNetAPI=0". If you use the lpr connection, connect the Postscript printer with your unix fax printer. (Note: you can send any type of file faxspool can convert to g3) Now you should be able to send faxes by simply print them to the Postscript printer connected with the fax service. After sending the file to the "printer" RESPOND pops up and let you type in the faxnumber (or numbers, separated by space or comma), receivers name (will be given to faxspool with the -D switch, it seems not very useful if you have more then one faxnumber because it will be used for all numbers), a login name at the unix host (for faxspool switch -f; only for mail about (un)successful sending of your fax; if omitted, the user you connected as to Samba is used instead) and the senders full name (for faxspool switch -F). Open the history/phonebook list by clicking the button or pressing cursor down in faxnumber field. Select an item with the spacebar or a doubleclick. The Enter key selects an item and closes the list, the Escape key only closes the list. By default disabled is the possibility to send faxes delayed. You have to set $usedelay to 1 and $defaultdelay to the default delay send time (same style as for mgetty's -t switch) in the configuration section of printfax.pl. You can use a checkbox to mark a fax for delaying or an edit field for more flexibility.


RESPOND has an options window you can find in the system menu. The options window lets you change the port RESPOND is listening at, the way of delaying faxes and the labels. The last enables you to use your own language for RESPOND. Options are stored in WIN.INI in section [Respond] (Port, Delayed) and [Respond-Labels] (the Labels). Phonebook and history are stored in Respond.INI in the Win dir.


RESPOND uses a very simple protocol. It listens at a port (5555 by default) and waits for a connection. If a host connects it pops up and the user can fill out the form. The connection will be closed without sending anything if the user cancels the dialog. On confirming RESPOND sends the values of the dialog elements line by line to the connected host an then closes the connection. Values will be sent in the folling order: 1. Faxnumber (or numbers, all in the same line as user typed in) 2. User 3. Receivers name 4. Users full name [5. An empty string or the string 'delayed' (depends on the delay checkbox) or the contents of the delayed edit field] The last will be only sent if delay isn't disabled. Each line ends in CR+LF. If soemthing goes wrong 1. Try to telnet to Respond at the port 5555 (or what you configured): telnet host.respond.runs 5555 Then Respond should popup. If not, you have a TCP/IP problem. Check network configuration/traffic with some tools to find the problem. (Note: If you changed the port in respond you have to change it in printfax.pl too) 2. Look if the printfax.pl script will be called right by samba (use a dummy script which prints parameters to a logfile instead of printfax.pl). If this isn't correct, configure your samba in the right way (use smb_conf.add as a sample smb.conf addition). 3. If account file says "failed", faxspool reports an error. Check if faxing user is allowed to fax (mgetty files fax.allow/fax.deny). Check also the permissions of the faxspool dir. The user printfax.pl is called as (possibly the guest user) have to have write access. 4. Possibly your ghostscript doesn't work right. Try to send a fax from commandline by using faxspool. If this works but printfax.pl reports "failed" then 3. should be your problem.


RESPOND was created by Horst F . The printfax.pl script was first created by Heiko Schlittermann and then extended by Horst F to handle the new possibilities of RESPOND V1.3. To run under perl version 5.002 Don Hayward does some additions to printfax.pl. Michael St. Laurent does the changes for the Win95 version.

The last

RESPOND and printfax.pl are freeware, so feel free to use. Suggestions and bug reports send to horstf@weltentor.boerde.de I'm also interested in who is using RESPOND, so please send me a short mail if you like it. (Don't suggest to write a Windows printer driver that does the same thing. I know that this is a better way then RESPOND. But I don't know any such solution and I don't have the knowledge to write a Windows printer driver.)

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